Haggadah Game 2016

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Haggadah Game 2016


Developed by our crack team (rabbis, visual and game designers, teachers and others), this haggadah is designed to bring more action to the seder conversation. We're not calling it a "Playable Haggadah" for nothing.

Each haggadah game deck includes:

  • 6 Leader Cards – the instructions + seder prep details
  • 35 Numbered Seder Cards – the entirety of the seder ritual
  • 27 Conversation Cards – ideas for conversation topics and activities
  • 12 Action Cards - quick activities to liven up the evening

To Play:
Shuffle the deck (minus the Leader Cards) and distribute evenly to all seder guests.  The guest with Seder Card #1 starts by reading the card aloud and following its instructions.  The guest holding Seder Card #2 goes next and so forth until all the Seder Cards are read.  During this process, guests not reading may (and should!) play Action or Conversation Cards at any time.  Recommended for a maximum of 20 players and also works well for smaller seders.


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