We search far and wide to find the people who will challenge you and connect you to bigger Jewish questions and ideas. Bonus: Room will be filled with Kitchen-ites, and you probably already know how interesting we are. Here’s your chance to learn from and with the very best and brightest the Jewish world has to offer.

We’re partnering with the Shalom Hartman Institute to offer outstanding learning from the head of the Institute, Donniel Hartman. Rachel Korazim, Kitchen favorite, is back showing us through Israeli literature who we are and who we yearn to be. Rabbi Bradley Shavit Artson, Head of the Ziegler School in LA and one of our most eye opening teachers to date, is coming for a whole extraordinary shabbaton. And we’re bringing back the incomparable Dr. Avivah Zornberg for three days of transformational learning in May. And there’s a lot more. For the whole line up, click here 

New! By your request, we’re also proud to offer several courses by your rabbis — the Language of Prayer (R. Jessica Kate Mayer), The Holy and the Good (R. Noa Kushner), Proximate Justice (R. Michael Lezak), and Jewish 101 (R. Tarlan Rabizadeh). Can’t wait to see your lovely faces over a text soon.

**We do sell out so recommend reserving your spaces as soon we open up the sessions. Members receive priority but we do our best to get everyone in.