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Welcome to Freedom School. We’ve built this program from the ground up so you and your kids can love being Jewish, together. By learning in “real time" (aka on Shabbat or on holidays) and as a family (students must have at least one parent attend with them), we cultivate Jewish fluency and contextualize Jewish practice as an organic way to approach the world.

Sound good? We think so and we’re doing it by inviting kids into the most moving parts of Jewish life. Why a Freedom School? Because we believe learning Torah will move students to justice. How do we do it? We teach Jewish in its natural habitat. We teach Jewish by doing Jewish, in context. In other words, Freedom School happens when Jewish life happens. And guess what? Not only is learning through experience more effective it’s a lot more fun.

This means that while your kids are learning about Moses or Purim or visiting the sick, you will either be learning right alongside your children or be in your own cohort of adults taking a deeper look into Jewish text and philosophy. After class we come together for services - which include our famous Storahtelling - and nosh. We also regularly put our Torah into practice by doing holy justice work at Glide.

We’d love to take credit for the spiritual learning-eating-justice combo you and your kids will get into at Freedom School, but it’s just what our people have been doing for a very long time. 


Simply put, when students move through the trajectory of Freedom school, they will have the foundations of a Judaism that moves them towards justice.

This goal begins with loving, engaging, active relationships with:


More specifically, we want students to build Jewish literacy and fluency, which means:

 KNOW Torah stories, characters and interpretive methods; the Jewish calendar and life cycle events; the importances of Shabbat; core mitzvot and prayers

 UNDERSTAND how the Torah influences personal lives and American justice movements, and inspire students to be socially responsible;

 BE ABLE TO engage in Jewish study, rituals, traditions, and justice work.

We want families to:
 FEEL capable having Jewish conversations and rituals in the home by studying texts and practicing Shabbat and holidays in authentic ways;

 BE empowered to articulate their Jewish values in the context of justice work;

 CREATE a community that contextualizes and reinforces Jewish practice as an organic way to approach the world.


We have 3-4 sessions a month: typically 2-3 Saturday mornings and 1 Sunday at Glide or a Freedom School program as part of a Kitchen community holiday celebration. Shabbat experiences and storahtelling are a regular a part of the school experience. Participation in holidays (yes!) is also an integral part of the school experience. Download the (tentative) 2019-2020 Freedom School Calendar.


9:00am   Opening circle + class session 1
10:15am  Services + class session 2
11:15am   Storahtelling or Torah services
12:15pm  Kiddush + lunch


 Kindergarten level and up + parents
 Become a subscribing member (optional)
 Pay tuition:

  • Subscriber: $1,750/child (parents included)

  • Non-Subscriber: $3,000/child (parents included)

Please contact Joel Abramovitz to have a conversation about financial assistance or if you want to further support us by contributing to our Scholarship Fund. 


Kindergarten + 1st Grade: Intro to Jewish Values
2nd + 3rd Grade: Torah Stories + Blessings
4th + 5th Grade: Mitzvot and Lifecycle
6th + 7th Grade:  Torah Love
Post-Bnai Mitzvah: Social Justice
Hebrew: Hebrew Language + Writing
Parents:  Ritual Lab                

Enrollment for 2019-2020 is OPEN. If you have questions, please contact our Senior Family Educator, Joel Abramovitz