Why call it The Kitchen?  
We want people to get that we are informal, accessible, and about getting work done. You do work in a kitchen and then often take what you've done to other places. Then you come back to do more. It's also the place everyone wants to be when there's a party.

Is this a synagogue? 
Not exactly, but it is probably closer to a synagogue than anything else so if it makes you feel better you can call it that.

Is this a restaurant / catering company?

What if I don't believe in God?  
Let's not start with whether you believe in God or not. Let's start with whether or not you want to do Jewish and be connected to a bunch of other people who are trying to do the same thing. We can get to the God thing later or never. The place to start should probably just be: “Do I want to do Jewish stuff?”

What if I / or my girlfriend / boyfriend / Aunt Sally is not Jewish?  
We don't get hung up on who is 'technically' Jewish or not. All that really matters is who wants to do Jewish or not. Let’s put it this way, you could be a direct descendant of Moses, but if you aren’t interested in trying anything Jewish, the ride is pretty much over. By the same token, you can be Santa Claus himself, and if you decide to jump on the Jewish train, and are open to seeing where it takes you, then the ride has just begun.


What if I have no idea about how to pray?  
If you are new to praying, or can’t read hebrew, or don’t even know the difference between shabbat and shalom, just give it time. It is normal for it to be difficult in the beginning, like a yoga class would be if you had never taken yoga. If you just keep showing up and trying, you will begin to get it. We promise.

BTW, if it’s too much to sing the words, just sing the melody to yourself. Or, rather than conquering the whole service, start by praying one prayer with intention or even a single word.  

Are you LGBT friendly? 
Of course. 

I want to know the tunes. How can I learn the music? 
Click here for all our shabbat music on SoundCloud. (For fastest learning, we recommend you play it in the car. Not sure why, it just works.)

How do I find out more? 
Click for links to our FacebookTwitter, and e-mail lists. Best thing to do, though, is just show up. 

What if I'm not ready to join? Can I still come to shabbat? 
Of course. We'd love to have you. Services are always free and open to all, dinner requires a ticket. 

What if I am ready to join?  
Click here for information.