Kitchen Mission: 
We help people live Jewishly in order to make meaning, change lives and invest in the world.

What Makes Us, Us (Values + Culture):

  1. We believe Torah is the heart of everything we do and it is our job to translate it into the here and now.
  2. We believe in experiments and seeking out new and even unconventional ways to do Jewish.
  3. We believe that experiences grow intimacy, expression and commitment.
  4. We believe Jewish life is not who you are but what you are willing to do.

State of the Union: 
At almost seven years old, The Kitchen has grown from a series of ideas and a few like-minded people into a robust community. We host 300 member households and hundreds of Kitchen-ites (non-member participants). We get together multiple times a week for learning, eating, praying, and service in locations across San Francisco. We are emerging a new and key partnership with GLIDE Memorial Church, a prominent social justice center in the Tenderloin and we are newly focused on building small communities and lateral connections amongst Kitchen-ites. We have always worked to provide Torah that is compelling and relevant in immersive, well designed experiences, and now want to bring that work more fully to our members and to a larger group of people.

What We Need to Succeed:
We are focused on keeping up with the increase in demand without sacrificing the quality of personal relationships. In order to do this we will broaden and deepen the staff and rabbinic support systems that root the Kitchen and grow lateral connections between Kitchen-ites. We will increase our senior team as follows:

Description of Senior Team:

Rabbi / Family Educator:
This position, with support from the Rabbinic team, will have the opportunity to create a new approach to Jewish learning, using immersive experiences as tools, an existing open and enthusiastic community as students, and the tradition as a foundation. Essentially, this position will consider how to best bring Torah into the lives of children and their parents in San Francisco, 2018. Building off of our current Freedom (shabbat) school, this Educator will work to develop new ways to teach Jewish ideas, narratives, rituals, language and ethics. Significantly, this Educator will work to build informal, participatory communities and opportunities for engaging Jewish life amongst the many excellent Kitchen families with children five and under. (detailed job description to follow)*

Founding Rabbi (Noa Kushner):
This role will include setting The Kitchen’s overall strategy, conceptualizing the larger trajectory of the community, forming institutional responses in key political moments, and building relationships / cultivating leaders of all stripes. In addition to ongoing pastoral work, significantly, this rabbi will teach regularly from the bimah, frequently to adults, as well as oversee the Spiritual Fitness (adult education) component of The Kitchen. Finally, this rabbi will be the primary (although not exclusive) external face of The Kitchen.

Rabbi / Chazzan / Music Director:
This position will partner with the Founding Rabbi in the overall work of growing The Kitchen in range, complexity, and depth. This role will include conceptualizing the larger trajectory of the community, forming institutional responses in key moments, and cultivating leaders of all stripes. In addition, significantly, this Rabbi would be responsible for musically developing our beloved approach to prayer and the transformation that arises from it. Pastoral work will be a key piece of this role, both in developing relationships and in creating informal curricula for in the years surrounding life cycles such as conversion and b’nai mitzvah. Finally, this Rabbi will be a key teacher within the newly imagined family education system, as well as in spiritual fitness (adult education) offerings, and on the bimah.

Executive Director:
The Executive Director will be responsible for implementing The Kitchen’s strategy in partnership with Rabbi Kushner and in conjunction with the senior team. This role will oversee Kitchen’s arenas of communications, membership, finance, all Kitchen events, and development. The Executive Director will develop his or her own staff, build a strong partnership with our board, cultivate a wide range of leaders, and foster connections with the large number of Kitchen stakeholders. The role will rely on strategic thinking and resourcefulness in order to approach daily and institutional challenges and depend on entrepreneurial energy in the ongoing work of designing of new, high quality solutions.

*Rabbi / Family Educator Responsibilities:

Imagine and create a high level ongoing approach for bringing Torah to our large community of families with children 0-5: The Kitchen is blessed to attract a large and robust group of thoughtful and engaged families with kids 0-5. This rabbi / educator would, in conjunction with leaders of that group, and with the support of the Rabbinic team, develop an informal curriculum of gatherings in homes, classes, larger offerings on shabbat and holidays and retreats to engage these families. This role will require someone who thrives at being a true teacher in a variety of informal settings and who can offer a pastoral presence. Cultivating families and building relationships between them will be central to the role.

Imagine and create a high level approach to bringing Torah into the lives of children and their parents in San Francisco, 2018: True to Kitchen values, we want to offer a substantial experience of Torah in ways that surprise, engage, provoke and delight. While we have a good foundation in our shabbat family school, we believe more large scale experimentation and effort is needed in order to reach our goals. This Educator will create our new approach and this approach will be the purview of this position.

An entrepreneurial disposition will be critical, as this Educator will be asked to create and iterate in real time, while keeping our families connected and invested. The ability to ask larger questions, design and test solutions for different stakeholders, and envision long term goals with benchmarks will be key. This role will report to the Founding Rabbi,  and be a part of the Senior Team of The Kitchen.

Community Leader and presence: Regular attendee, representative of The Kitchen and point person for families on shabbat and all holidays. Helps to represent family perspective in community wide Kitchen offerings. Encourages wide participation in activities and events, helps to develop Kitchen leaders, and new members.

Rabbinic Ordination or Senior Educator
Torah Teaching experience in a variety of formal and informal settings
Camp or immersive education experience
Entrepreneurial experience preferred
Storahtelling experience a plus

Cultural Fit:
Personally invested in the mission of The Kitchen
Entrepreneurial zeal: Goes the extra mile for excellence
Generative, positive
Strong work ethic, sets goals, gets it done
Happy to help with areas outside job description, does whatever needs to be done
Genuinely cares about our people
Able to solve problems independently and efficiently
Willing to put the work of the team above personal agenda
Willing to engage in productive confrontation for the greater good

Please send a cover letter and resume to Interim Executive Director, Elie Lauter with subject "LAST NAME- Family Educator."