Not ready to join The Kitchen?  We're still here for you.

Doing Jewish isn't a members-only kind of thing. So here are some ways to buy Kitchen services without joining first. Have at it.

Getting Hitched

On the way down the aisle? Preparing to sign your ketubah? A package for the soon-to-be-wed includes pre-marital counseling with Rabbi Kushner, ceremony planning and wedding officiation at local venue. 

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And Baby Makes 3
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Expanding your clan? This package includes planning, counseling and naming, bris or baby naming officiated by a rabbi at The Kitchen during shabbat services or, if you prefer a private ceremony, at another location.

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The Big One Three

Bar or Bat Mitzvah in the works? This package includes date selection, learning with one of the rabbis, 4-6 sessions of drash or StorahTelling preparation, skills assessment, a celebration at The Kitchen, ceremony officiation, and a venue for your lunch. Learn more here.

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The Rabbi Is In
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Just like your car needs a periodic tune-up, we think your spiritual self can use benefit from a little TLC, too. Sit mano-y-mano with a rabbi and get the counsel you most need. Sliding scale, call for more info.

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Making it Official

Choosing Judaism through conversion? This one's for you. Includes one-on-one work every 6-8 weeks with one of our rabbis for at least 1 year, adult Jewish ed, a date at the mikvah and Beit Din with a rabbi.



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