Ready to get involved at the Kitchen? Join one of our A-Teams.

A-teams are groups of Kitchenites who get together to do Jewish. You get the idea: Picnic in the park or pick apart the parsha. We just support you along the way. A group can be long-standing (like meeting once a month for shabbat dinner), or time-bound to get a particular project done. A group can be based on neighborhoods, interests, demographics, whatever.

Check out our list below. What piques your interest? Don't see what you're looking for? Start a new one.

Note: Being part of an A-Team is a specific benefit for Kitchen members. We encourage anyone who’d like to participate to consider joining The Kitchen.



Support for those in mourning. We're the ones who sweep in and make sure that when someone experiences a death we're there -- offering help, Jewish ritual support and of course, food. No experience necessary.


Justice league

From feeding the hungry to rapid-response actions to America under Trump, from Jewish conversations about anti-Racism to a mighty social-justice partnership between GLIDE and The Kitchen, we're here to put our privilege to work for good.

Ready to get started? We're looking for volunteers to serve meals and tutor at GLIDE in the Tenderloin.


Kitchen playground

Bedtime getting in the way of your Shabbat? Kitchen Playground is a group of mothers and fathers with kids five and under, coming together to build community and grow Jewishly. We often gather before services to hang out with other Kitchen parents and families, and get some shabbat in before our kids turn into pumpkins. We also help bring in early childhood experts that help keep our kiddos entertained and educated on Shabbat. 


Kitchen 24/7

Being Jewish is fun.  And the fun isn't all kid stuff.  That's why you've got Kitchen 24/7, to feed your grown-up hunger for ritual, culture, and some good ol' Heeb camaraderie.  We're talking community feeling.  We're talking more time in The Kitchen, without the kids.  

Be young(ish). Be kid-less. Be fabulous. 


neighborhood shabbat

Kitchenites of Cole Valley meet semi-regularly for Shabbat dinner or Havdallah. If you live in Cole Valley, they would love to have you! If you live in another neighborhood, we'd love to help you start your own neighborhood shabbat group.


The bench

About 25 people who get together to sing like nobody's business, test drive new tunes, learn about a few prayers, and help lift our services to the next level.


Torah study

Do you want to do a bit of Torah study? Curious about what the rabbis may have thought? We're doing a monthly Torah study to start diving in and exploring. Jewish debate, rabbinic commentary. Whether you've ever studied before or not, all are welcome with their questions and opinions.  

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start an a-team

Oh, you over-achiever, you.

Eventually, your crew and you will figure out how to share the load of organizing and divy up responsibilities, but to start there needs to be at least 1 person we can call to know what’s what. Fill out the form below & we'll help you get the ball rolling.